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low back pain relief with chiropractic care

Have you ever experienced back pain in Tupelo, MS? With approximately 85 percent of the United States’ population experiencing inhibiting low back pain at least one time in their lives, the answer is probably yes. Sometimes this pain can last a while; at any moment, nearly 7 percent of adults in the United States are suffering from an incident of back pain that lasts for longer than 10 days. With such a large number of suffers, it’s no surprise that the cost spent per year on pain relief in the United States is estimated at more than $50 billion.

Treatment of back pain can vary based on the cause and seriousness of the condition. Some suffers attempt to treat their discomfort with painkillers, muscle relaxers, rest, or physical therapy treatments such as ultrasound, traction, diathermy, cold packs, or hot packs. However, these approaches have not been proven to eliminate the problem causing the pain. When these treatments do not improve the condition, or worsen it, some people opt for surgery.

A medical approach may be necessary for eliminating chronic back pain. Surgery may be performed in an attempt to relieve the pain, but some studies have shown that surgery on the spine for severe lower back problems are recommended to be performed in rare cases. In some cases, operations bring short-term relief; while for others, the surgery does not eliminate the pain from their backs at all. Oftentimes those who’ve undergone surgery report a repeat of the symptoms within one or two years of the operation.

There are other options for back pain management and treatment. The process I implement involves a complete neurological examination. From this, the improperly functioning component(s) of the nervous system are identified and an approach is implemented to address the patient’s discomfort. In many patients who suffer from lower back pain, Often I discover an elevated mesencephalic output which can be the cause of the issue.

During my exam, I look at all three parts of the brain stem: lower, middle, and top. The top portion of the brain stem is known as the mesencephalon. When this part of the brain has a high output, patients may experience an elevated pulse and heart rate, sleeplessness, waking from intermittent sleep, increased warmth, unusual sweating, urinary tract infections, and enhanced light sensitivity.

Patients suffering from low back pain occasionally have multiple brain output disorders. Accompanying a higher than normal mesenphalic output, lower back pain suffers may also produce a reduced cerebellum output. The cerebellum, constitutes the back part of the brain, exercises control over the entire involuntary spinal musculature.

In order to properly diagnose and treat your back pain, it is important that a professional performs a comprehensive and thorough examination.

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