Cerebellar Dysfunction and Treatment of Vertigo and Dizziness in Tupelo MS

Cerebellar Dysfunction and Treatment of Vertigo and Dizziness in Tupelo MS

Do you experience problems balancing, lightheadedness, dizziness, or a fear of falling? To learn more about the unexpected truth of these conditions from a Tupelo, MS doctor, and how neurometabolic rehabilitation can help, watch the video below:

Dizziness or vertigo is experienced by a large number of people across the United States and worldwide. While many instances of dizziness or vertigo are short-lived, it’s not atypical for some patients’ daily activities to become affected by reoccurring lightheadedness.

The cerebellum – located in the posterior aspect of the brain – is responsible for motor control, and is often the source of the problem in cases involving dizziness and vertigo.

We employ different neurological testing methods to assess the cerebellum, such as having patient stand with their feet together and eyes closed. In this test, patients that sway back and forth test positive for cerebellar dysfunction. Another similar test is having patients close their eyes, touch their noses with their index fingers, walk heel to toe, and touch all fingers to their thumbs or move them rapidly.

Treatment Options:

  • Unilateral (one-sided) Adjustments: To propel muscle spindle cells (muscle receptors) and joint mechanoreceptors (joint receptors) to the same cerebellum and opposite cerebral cortex, arms and legs, lumbar, and cervical spine are adjusted on one side. The thoracic is also adjusted to lessen rib fixations by reinvigorating the back portion of the spinal cord.
  • Caloric: 180 milliliters of warm water caloric are injected into the ear to excite the ipsilateral cerebellum of patients suffering from cerebellar dysfunction.
  • Eye Exercises: To improve cerebellum and frontal lobe activity, patients often benefit from eye exercises.
  • Thermotherapy: Heat provides a number of healing benefits, such as improved brain function, lessened joint stiffness, fewer muscle spasms, and production of histamine and bradykinin – which promotes vasodilation of tissues.

Any one or more of the above treatment methods may benefit you by normalizing the cerebellum and its processes.

To determine whether or not you’re a good candidate for our cerebellar dysfunction treatment techniques, call us today at (662) 844-1414 to schedule a consultation.

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