We are able to determine what specific nutritional needs your body has by doing a comprehensive blood panel. Our standard panel consists of over 60 different markers checking the function of the thyroid, blood sugar, immune system, liver, kidney, adrenals, digestion, and other nutrients status of the blood. From this we will develop a specific nutritional program to help return your body to its natural, healthy state. This will help keep you from spending money on nutritional products that you do not need.

Clinical nutrition is different from traditional nutrition. Clinical nutrition is different because it combines clinical lab tests and the use of foods, herbs, and other minerals to better fuel supply and delivery to the body’s cells. You will only be as healthy as your cells are. By analyzing your blood results we can uncover patterns of dysfunction and treat them before they become serious issues or diseases. Prevention is pivotal to success of your health. Many times we have discovered cholesterol problems, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, thyroid dysfunction, inflammation, dysglycemia, digestive issues, gall bladder dysfunction, immune function, anemia, etc.

Clinically trained nutritionists view blood chemistry from a functional standpoint than a traditionally trained physician.

For example, many patients who come to us have been told that they have normal blood chemistry values yet they are symptomatic and feel horrible. Why is this? Laboratory blood ranges are derived from averaging thousands of people’s blood work together. These ranges therefore tend to be very broad and are more adept at identifying blatant disease. Because of society’s declining health, these ranges continue to expand. For example, the functional blood range for fasting glucose is 85-99 whereas the laboratory range is 65-99. By using the functional range the clinical nutritionist is able to identify altered function before it becomes major dysfunction. The goal of the clinical nutritionist is to normalize the altered blood findings to help balance all the systems of the body. Once the body is in balance, has the proper fuel, activation, and is free of infection, health usually follows.

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