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Certain types of drugs, such as Gabapentin®, Lyrica®, Neurontin®, and Cymbalta®, don’t relieve neuropathy at its source. Instead, they conceal the pain by hindering nerve signals to the brain.

It’s not unheard of for patients who use these drugs to develop numbness, causing them to lose feeling throughout their bodies, fall, and/ or become wheelchair-bound. Because neuropathy involves damage to the nerves in the peripheral nervous system, it often requires an electric treatment to improve the nerves’ abilities to send and receive messages to patients’ brains.

Neuropathy & Its Causes

Because the causes of neuropathy are many and varied, the source of the condition isn’t always immediately apparent. Diabetes is the most prevalent cause of neuropathy. However, exposure to black mold, pesticides, and aspartame in diet soda can cause damage to the peripheral nervous system – which is what leads to neuropathy. Treatment involves repairing the nerves and their pathways, so that information from your feet and other parts of your body can make the journey to your brain.

Neuropathy can also be caused by certain treatments and medications, such as chemotherapy, cholesterol drugs, and high blood pressure drugs. Cholesterol medications can break down the myelin sheath coating nerves, while high blood pressure drugs sometimes abate blood flow to patients’ feet, thus causing neuropathy. Conditions, such as sleep apnea and acid reflux, are also known to cause neuropathy.

Renewed, Strengthened Nerves:

The ReBuilder® treats:

Diabetic Peripheral NeuropathyIdiopathic



Chemo-induced Neuropathy

Multiple Sclerosis

Muscular Dystrophy

Charcot Marie-Tooth Disease

Piriformis Entrapment Syndrome

In a study of over 3,000 doctors, The ReBuilder® was found to have an effectiveness rate of 96%. It’s used frequently in cancer hospitals to provide relief to patients coping with the symptoms of neuropathy.

To learn more about The ReBuilder® and whether it’s a potential treatment option for you, call us at (662) 844-1414 The ReBuilder was to be proven 96% effective in a study with over 3,000 doctors.

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What is ReBuilder Peripheral Neuropathy Therapy?

The ReBuilder is a medical device built by ReBuilder Medical Inc. since 1988. It is a highly qualified, non-invasive therapy approved by the FDA for therapeutic treatment of peripheral neuropathy. With over 35 years of testing and equipment manufacturing, the therapy has proven to be one of the most effective and safest therapy options for peripheral neuropathy.

What Causes Peripheral Neuropathy?

Diabetes: Diabetes is one of the most common causes of PN due to how high blood sugar levels can damage nerves and nerve function.

Other Medical Conditions: Kidney, liver, and thyroid disease can all contribute to developing PN. Similarly, Lyme's Disease, HIV/Aids, and autoimmune diseases can trigger PN.

Medications: Certain medications can also cause PN, including chemotherapy drugs, antibiotics, specific pain relievers, and statin. Medications like statins can increase the probability of PN if used in the long term.

Injuries and Accidents: Physical trauma and injuries like car accidents, falls, and surgeries can also cause PN.

Environmental Toxins: Prolonged exposure to various toxins, including heavy metals, solvents, and industrial chemicals, can cause PN.

Alcoholism: Alcohol, as widespread as it is, is medically considered a toxin to the body, and consuming large quantities over time can result in PN and nerve damage.

Nutritional Deficiencies: For some people, the lack of vitamins like B12 can also cause neuropathy.

Inherited Disorders & Unknown Causes: Some forms of neuropathy generally can be inherited, and sometimes the causes may be unknown.

Sleep Apnea: Dr. Mann, a podiatric doctor in South Florida, mentions that sleep apnea is a commonly overlooked cause of peripheral neuropathy (2021).

What Conditions Does ReBuilder Help?

  • Restless Leg Syndrome

  • Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

  • Idiopathic Neuropathy​

  • Polyneuropathy

  • Chemotherapy-induced

  • Neuropathy

  • Charcot Marie-Tooth​

  • Piriformis Entrapment Syndrome

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Sciatica

  • Arthritis

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Muscle Pain

  • Parkinson's Disease

  • Erectile Dysfunction

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Lymphedema

The ReBuilder is a medical FDA-approved device that requires a prescription for its use. If you are interested in how this therapy may assist your peripheral neuropathy, or if you are undiagnosed and unsure if you have peripheral neuropathy, you can schedule our 7 POINT BRAIN, BODY & GUT EXAM below for more information.

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