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Dr. Andy Barlow, DC

Dr. Andy Barlow, D.C., a seasoned chiropractor with a thriving practice since 2001, is not only dedicated to enhancing the well-being of his patients but also deeply committed to his family and personal passions. He shares his life journey with his beloved wife, Faye, and together, they've raised three wonderful children: Jennifer, Karla, and Matt, who have given them the joy of five adoring grandchildren.

Beyond his professional achievements, Dr. Barlow finds solace and adventure in exploring the beautiful landscapes of Europe alongside Faye, with whom he shares a profound connection. Besides his love for travel, he is an avid racquetball enthusiast, a passionate writer, and an inspiring teacher who dedicates his time to conducting seminars for both patients and fellow doctors.

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Dr. Matt Mackey, DC

With over two decades of experience, Dr. Matt Mackey, D.C. is a seasoned chiropractor who has dedicated 23 years to improving the well-being of his patients.

Beyond his professional life, Matt cherishes the warmth of his family, sharing his journey with his loving wife, Tammy, and their three delightful children, Caleb, Charlotte, and Colbie. The Mackey household is not only filled with love from their family members but also from their three rescue dogs, a testament to their compassionate nature.

Matt finds solace and fitness through his passion for cycling, allowing him to connect with the outdoors and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Matt Mackey is a devoted family man and an avid cyclist who combines his love for chiropractic care with a well-rounded personal life.

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Frozen shoulder dr. Andy Barlow chiropractor tupelo

If you're experiencing shoulder pain, stiffness, loss of mobility, weakness or dull aching pain, we can help.

Knee Pain dr. Andy Barlow chiropractor tupelo

If you're experiencing knee pain, difficulty walking or standing up, joint stiffness, grinding/cracking, we can help.

Fibromyalgia dr. Andy Barlow chiropractor tupelo

If you're experiencing pain and stiffness all over the body, fatigue and tiredness. Depression, anxiety, and Sleep problems, we can help.

Functional Neurology  dr. Andy Barlow chiropractor tupelo NEUROLOGY

If you're experiencing loss of memory, dizziness, weakness, or speech problems we can help.

PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY Dr. Andy Barlow Chiropractor

If you're experiencing muscle weakness, numbness, tingling, burning or shooting pain, we can help.

PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY Dr. Andy Barlow Chiropractor

If you're experiencing muscle weakness, numbness, tingling, burning or shooting pain, we can help.

gut health dr. Andy Barlow chiropractor tupelo

If you're experiencing dizziness, tiredness, or not feeling right, but not sure why. We can do a full blood panel to find out why.

Neck Pain Whiplash dr. Andy Barlow chiropractor tupelo

If you're experiencing neck pain, headaches, pain from bulging/herniated/degenerative discs, or whiplash we can help.


Back Pain herniated disc  dr. Andy Barlow chiropractor tupelo

If You're experiencing a Back pain, Sciatica, pain from bulging/herniated/degenerative discs, we can help.

lady smiling review dr. andy barlow

"Absolutely Blown Away"

I was in town visiting family and suffering with a twice injured and then frozen shoulder. We came to see Dr. Mackey and Dr. Barlow and with just 3 treatments, I've gained so much movement. I am absolutely blown away by the treatment I have received. I received stellar care with state of the art equipment! - Melissa Kilgore

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The 7-point brain-body-gut exam is a holistic approach to assess and optimize overall well-being. It focuses on the interconnectedness of the brain, body, and gut, recognizing that these systems are closely linked and influence each other's function.

With Our 7 Point Brain, Body, and Gut Exam We Will Find The Root Cause Of Your Pain and Create a Treatment Plan Tailored To You!

“While other doctors would never touch me, Dr. Barlow spent more than an hour examining me and running tests. When he got through, he said that if I was willing to follow his orders, he could help me. I jumped at the chance, and I’m so glad I did.” – Sheila S.

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trusted experts chiropractic physician center of tupelo

“After a year or two of physical therapy, I finally decided that I wasn’t getting any better; I thought about Dr. Barlow. I guess it was the Lord that led me to go to him.” – John Hogan

"100% BETTER"

Man smiling review dr. Andy Barlow

“When I first came into Dr. Barlow’s office, I could barely walk and expected to get put on a table and get my back popped and stretched like a rubber band, then turned loose to hope for the best. But it wasn’t anything like I expected.

Little did I know that after using his state-of-the-art equipment for several weeks, my back would be 100 percent better. Seeing Dr. Barlow has been a blessing for my back and overall health. He is straight up with you and genuinely wants to fix your problem – not just patch it up."

– Garner Chaffin

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