Sciatica (pronounced si-ad-i-ka) is a condition in which the sciatic nerve becomes inflamed. The pain that accompanies sciatica is highly intense. It follows the path of the nerve down the backs of the legs and thighs, to the ankle, foot, and toes. Additionally, the pain may spread throughout the back, and sufferers may even feel numbness in their leg(s). In addition to burning and/or sudden pains, it’s not uncommon for patients to feel tenderness and pins-and-needles, prickling, or crawling sensations.

The location of sciatica pain varies, depending on the person. While sciatica pain is usually located in the back of the legs or thighs, this isn’t the case for all sufferers. For some, the front of the legs, sides of the legs, or the hips is where a majority of the discomfort is located. Bilateral sciatica, in which pain is felt in both legs, is also present in some sufferers.

The intensity and quality of the pain also differs in each case. You may experience a continuous aching, or sharp throbbing that suddenly ceases for hours or even days. For some, switching postures and positions can trigger the pain. Severe cases of sciatica can include loss of reflexes and the degradation of calf muscles. Therefore, walking, sitting, standing, or even getting a good nights’ rest can be challenging or even impossible for some sciatica sufferers.

We aim to take a different approach to treating and preventing sciatica in Tupelo. We complete thorough neurological examinations to determine which parts of the nervous system are malfunctioning. In patients with sciatica, we often find a high mesencephalic output.

The brain stem is divided into three parts: top, middle, and lower. The mesencephalon is located at the top portion of the brain stem. When the output of the mesencephalon is high, increased pulse and heart rates, sleeplessness, urinary tract infection, sweating, and sensitivity to light will occur. Additionally, a patient may experience a decreased output of the cerebellum, which is located in the back part of the brain and controls involuntary spinal musculature.

Whether a patient is experiencing discomfort on one side of their body or bilaterally, I’ll work to determine which component of the central nervous system is malfunctioning, be it one side of the brain, the brain stem, cerebellum, or other central structures.

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